What To Do in LA: Breakfast

I get a lot of requests about doing my favorite places in Los Angeles, especially if you recently moved here or are coming for a visit. I’ll start this What To Do in LA series with the first meal of the day, breakfast!

Breakfast and brunch, on the weekends, is quite the social thing to do in the city. You can make this into an all day affair so here are my favs


Toast is one of the first places I started going to when I moved to LA. It is on 3rd Street and is pretty trendy. On the weekends, expect a long line. The food is fine just like any other breakfast, but there is a good crowd, its is pretty in expensive and there is a lot of outside seating area. One tip would be if ordering fruit with your breakfast, ask for no melon. You can also head here for lunch. Good for a scene, decent food.


This is down the street from Toast and has a great menu. Any of the biscuits at Quality are delicious. I only go here for breakfast, not for lunch or dinner.  I always get the avocado benedict. Good food, family scene, dog friendly, outside seating.


This is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles hands down. I come here often for late breakfast or for lunch. There are cases you can order from or choose from any items on the menu. The bakery has some yummy treats to choose from to that you can see along with cupcakes and cakes and everything sweet you can think of. If you are going for breakfast,  get the Bonne Femme Omelet. For lunch you can’t go wrong with the cheese plate, butter lettuce salad or the short rib sandwich. Good for lunch, dinner, popular scene, lots of outdoor seating. 


I am not the biggest fan of the food here, I’m going to be honest. But the place is always packed and there are so many locations that if you do come across one it will be a nice lunch. I like either the Melrose or Larchmont location. If i go to Melrose, it is because Urth was too crowded. If I go to Larchmont, it is probably because I just got done with the Sunday Morning Farmer’s Market. Ok food, healthy, outdoor seating, good crowd.


What can I say about The Griddle Cafe. Hmm, well it is great if you love giant sized pancakes, smelling like food, and waiting in long lines. It is a nice place to try once, but other than that I wouldn’t go back. The kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant so you kind of stink like food when you leave. I do recommend the oreo pancake, one is enough and for sure to share. Try it once, don’t go back.


I mean, does Roscoe’s even need an explanation? Get chicken, waffles, scrambled eggs, greens, mac and cheese and a Lisa’s delight. So. Damn. Good. Go there, it isn’t just for tourists.


I love coming to Soho House for Sunday brunch. You do need to go with someone who has a membership if you don’t have one, but it is delicious and beautiful.  Beautiful view, need membership.


If a traditional Beverly Hills Jewish deli is where you want to go eat, head here. It is PACKED on the weekends and it is traditional, but I love to go here.


This place is delllllicious!!!! You must try the bacon steak, it is a thick piece of bacon that is really sweet and one piece is enough the share. I love the natural light here and the detailed floors. I like to eat here during the week for breakfast because it is quiet. Must try the bacon steak, make sure to get a reservation. 

These were my choices for best breakfast in Los Angeles. I’ll keep coming back and updating this post. Check back soon for my favorite lunch places and leave a comment if you want to know anything else about my guide to LA.


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  1. Thank you for introducing me to new breakfast spots here in LA. Although, I would have to disagree with you on The Griddle there are many other food options on the menu that are very tasty. All are very large portions but is great to share with friends and if you get there early enough usually there is no wait. I love the baked potatoe omelet and baked apple pancakes! I would also recommend LBD on Melrose they are known for their ricotta blueberry pancakes and you can’t leave out Blue Jam Cafe two locations one on Melrose and Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks. I always get the crunchy French toast and breakfast risotto. Yum!!!

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