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Daisy Dreams

Scent is such a strong memory trigger and whenever I smell certain aromas, I am instantly reminded of my Mom. She never leaves the house without her final accessory, perfume. This is something she has passed down to me. My love of beauty products and finding the perfect look to match my outfit goes down to every detail, including the scents I wear. But for each occasion, depending on where I’m going and how I’m dressed, I switch up my perfumes. Sometimes I want to smell sweet, other times more bubbly and feminine. No matter which perfume I choose from Marc Jacobs, they are all perfection based on my moods.



I’m finally back in Los Angeles on what felt like a pretty long world tour between Miami, Asia and London. After returning from the UK, where it was still cool spring weather, I was anxious to put my light layers and sandals back on and enjoy the heat.


Mother Daughter Style

 The older I get, the more I find myself becoming more and more like my mother. We like so many of the same things and one thing I for sure learned from her was style and a love for shopping. Often, we walk out of the store with the same items or really similar we even trade clothes sometimes. As Mother’s Day approaches, I reflect back on some things my Mother has taught me regarding style.


Living Room Makeover

Every season I add new clothes to my wardrobe. Wait who am I kidding, I shop all the time. But one area I tend to neglect to update with the seasons is my home. I’ve been yearning to do a home makeover for some time now and I finally got around to it, starting with my living room.


Luxury For Less

I love designer bags. I think they are an investment piece and that a great bag will make any outfit. But buying brand new bags can get expensive, but Trendlee is an online retailer that has luxury pre-owned bags that are perfect to stay on trend without spending all that money in your new designer wallet.


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