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When I get ready in the morning, I want to take the least amount of time to look as glamorous as possible, in the most natural way of course. A big time saver for me was getting eyelash extensions that make me feel done-up all the time. But I am just a consumer, not an expert so I asked a pro all the facts you may want to know before getting them done.

Take a look at the video with Mae who has been doing my lashes for the last four months and remember these tips and facts she shared

  • They can last 3-4 weeks
  •  Lashes shed naturally with your natural lashes as yours grow in
  • About every 3 weeks get a refill
  • Clean them with a cleanser
  • They are OK to get wet
  • Remove any makeup or residue to keep them sanitary
  • They are customizable for your style or eye shape
  • You can wear makeup and mascara with them
  • Do NOT wear waterproof mascara
  • You can use clear mascara
  • Clean with eye makeup remover but NOT oil-free makeup remover, something that can foam
  • It shouldn’t ruin your natural lashes if the stylist is taking time to remove them
  • Full set takes 2-3 hours to apply
  • Full set starts at $250 and up on average
  • Do not pay less than this because they may not be skilled
  • Fills start at $80 and up on average and they take about 1.5 hours to do
  • Lashes can be real mink, synthetic mink and synthetic silks
  • Come in various curl shapes

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  1. Hi Marianna,

    First, I love your site! Great job!
    Second, Beautiful lashes! Do you know of a reputable place in NYC that does this? I have been wanting to get this done again since I’ve moved here but have been cautious of trying a new place without a recommendation.


    Also…check out my blog http://www.cityluxestyle.com

  2. I have been using extreme for 3 years I have no choice but to continue as they ruined my lashes as well as friends. I went to three well known stylist

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