Jamaica Part One + VIDEO

You know how you travel to some places and you can’t wait to go back again? Well thats exactly what Jamaica was for me. I traveled there last Summer and ever since then, was eager to make another trip. Something about being there puts you in such a relaxed mood and I really needed some time to chill out. The Jamaica Inn was the perfect setting to zone out for a few days, take a look through some photos from the trip that will have you yearning a red stripe in no time.


Here are some photos I took on the go from my stay in Jamaica, check back for a full post with more photos and video from my visit! But for now … enjoy Ochos Rios


Jenny of Neon Blush // both wearing Skye Swimwear

Skye Swimear // J Crew hat // My Jewel Bar anklet

Soludos Shoes

J Lux Label dress 

Her the label Swimsuit // Skye Cover up

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  1. loved the vid! can you tell us where your green bikini and cute necklace are from?? you were wearing them in your vid :)

  2. Hi Mariana, thanks for sharing this amazing video of Jamaica! I just want to ask about the camera that you are using for the videos. What brand is it? or type? thanks! Keep enjoying life :)

  3. I have never had a desire to go to Jamaica…until now! Honey, you made this trip look like so much fun!!! And that cottage? BOMB!

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