Jennifer Stano David’s Must Have Mommy Products

Jennifer Stano David has got it all, a beautiful son, one more on the way and a closet to die for. Her beauty routine has changed as she has grown into an amazing Mother and she shared with me how it changed, what products to avoid when you are pregnant and more.

I hope if you are expecting, a current mommy or will be one in the future that you enjoy all of Jennifer’s amazing recommendations!


How has your beauty routine changed since becoming a Mom?

Everything has changed. When I became pregnant I started using all natural organic products. The one thing I cannot find that is all natural that actually works well is makeup. So with that said, during the week I wear minimal makeup such as concealer, mascara, and bronzed on my cheeks and eyelids for color. Then I’ll use a light pink lip- either a lip stick or balm just to look a bit more put together



What products do you avoid when you are pregnant?

Anything that isn’t natural. Your skin absorbs 60-80% of what you put on it within seconds. The thought of useless chemicals going into my body and possible even my baby is disturbing especially when there’s wonderful companies that provide all natural toxic free, safe products. Acure – sold at whole foods- for face wash, moisturizer  and face scrub. Raw Love Body for body scrub – all natural and smells amazing. Also has one for baby.
And for men- RSVP all natural men’s line for face !! Alki loves it


What products have you switched to during pregnancy?

My newest find is an organic, all natural self tanner by Eco Tan. It’s an Australian company that sells worldwide and is every pregnant woman’s dream as sitting in the sun to get some color can’t happen for multiple reasons. I use it on my face, neck , chest and arms. No one is seeing my legs and belly at the moment so no need there

My next would be an all natural mascara by a company called Younique. They use green tea leaf fibers that attach to their gel and lengthen and thicken your lashes!!! I’m obsessed
Another would be my all natural deodorant called “death by lavender” sold at whole foods. It’s the only deodorant that has stopped the smell and actually worked. Unfortunately- antiperspirants that stop you from sweating are not safe or good for you. By sweating you are eliminating toxins in your body. By stopping that you’re keeping them in and that isn’t healthy.


Where are your favorite places to shop for maternity clothes?

My favorite places to shop for maternity clothes are pea in a pod, destination maternity, Isabella Oliver, the gap has a few cute shirts and Kyle by Alene too. Although Kyle isn’t a maternity store- they carry a lot if maxi dresses that work with growing bellies
I’m also talking to a company about starting my own maternity line. A small line but of my favorite pieces and cuts.


And finally, where are your favorite places to shop for baby Niko?

Omg , where do I begin. My favorite places to shop for Niko and Dino are Children’s Salon, Child’s Play Clothing, Baby Gap,
Janie and Jack, Alex and Alexa, Petit Tresor, Bel Bambini , The Galleria in San Diego and Etsy.
Etsy is provably my favorite place to buy leggings and the cutest shirts for everyday play. I love supporting small business especially when must of the shops are made and run by stay at home moms looking to make money to support their family and their dreams. I love that and the craftsmanship is amazing. Lots of shops carry organic cotton leggings and materials too which is a huge plus for me.

Be sure to check out Jennifer’s blog here and follow her pregnancy journey, must have products and adorable baby photos on Instagram.

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  1. Have been following Jennifer Stano David for a long time now – since before she was prego with Niko!!! She is beautiful and I admire her stance on how she is treating her body during pregnancy and her lifestyle during as well!! Although I am not expecting anytime soon, she has opened up a world of new/better all natural and organic products that I have begun to use in my daily routine.

    Thanks again love you both xo

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