Daisy Dreams

Scent is such a strong memory trigger and whenever I smell certain aromas, I am instantly reminded of my Mom. She never leaves the house without her final accessory, perfume. This is something she has passed down to me. My love of beauty products and finding the perfect look to match my outfit goes down to every detail, including the scents I wear. But for each occasion, depending on where I’m going and how I’m dressed, I switch up my perfumes. Sometimes I want to smell sweet, other times more bubbly and feminine. No matter which perfume I choose from Marc Jacobs, they are all perfection based on my moods.

The first look I’m wearing is feminine and playful with a full skirt and floral print. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has notes that match this outfit to a T. It is sophisticated and timeless with scents of vanilla and strawberry while still being bright and alluring.

This top is playful, bubbly and whimsical and that is precisely what Eau So Fresh will have you feeling with its scent. It is flirty yet sweet with notes of grapefruit and pear. I couldn’t help but think of this fragrance when I put on this fun bow top.

For the days when you are feeling dreamy and want something light, Dream is a must have. This is the perfect every day perfume because it is feminine, fresh and reminds you of coconut water and lychee … two of my favorite things.

All three of these scents are also timeless, so with Mother’s Day coming up it makes the perfect gift. (I hope my Mom doesn’t see this or she will know one of her presents, oops!). So whether you are feeling flirty, dreamy or fresh … any of these scents will be the perfect accessory to match your outfit.


OUTFIT 1: Tank – Pride Clothing Skirt – Bambah Boutique // OUTFIT 2: Top – Bambah Boutique Skirt – Six Crisp Days // OUTFIT 3: Top – Joie Skirt – Rag & Bone Shoes – Vince

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  1. Ah…nice article. I love that you base your perfume on the style your wearing too! I actually just purchased Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream today…I can’t wait to start wearing it. I must say Marc Jacobs gets it right every time with his perfumes.

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