Spinach Smoothie Recipe

It might be the Los Angeleno in me, but I drink a green drink or smoothie every day.

I was going to Pressed Juicery or Erewhon everyday to get a drink or smoothie and it was quickly becoming a very expensive yet healthy habit.

It was always changing the smoothie recipes or getting frustrated to have to drive somewhere whenever I wanted to have a green drink.

I eventually gave in to buying a blender, I think it was the Ninja and … it was AWFUL! It didn’t blend what I wanted, it was too big for single use and really hard to clean.

After seeing infomercials, instagram posts and whatever else … I decided to buy a Nutribullet  and IT IS THE BEST $99 I HAVE EVER SPENT IN MY LIFE AND I AM NOT EXAGGERATING.

The moment I got this thing, I fell in love with it and have used it basically every day since I have purchased it. It is so convenient because it makes single servings of smoothies and really just works well.

Now this doesn’t make juice, it breaks down whatever you put in there so depending what you add will change to consistency.

I wanted to share with you a typical recipe I do, but I often change them. I wake up around 4:45am every day for work, so I don’t really have time to eat breakfast. So for me, I put all the ingredients (except coconut water) in the cup the night before. When I wake up, I add the water blend and take it to go!

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Spinach – Apple slices – frozen mango – chia seeds – goji berries – coconut water

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