What to Wear to Coachella

If you are heading to Coachella for the first time, here are some tips.

If it is your first time, let me share with you some tips on what to wear (and not wear) to this fun filled weekend. I’ll help you with outfit inspiration and what to make sure to pack.

  • don’t wear sandals or open toe shoes. there are WAY too many people walking around and your feet will get stepped on. ¬†Instead, opt for a pair of booties or chucks.



  • la-modella-mafia-Coachella-Street-Style-Fashion-III-Vision-Streetwear
  • During the day, it is SO HOT OUT. But at night, it is FREEEEEZING in the desert. Don’t be an idiot and pack a jacket. You can either tie it around your waist or carry a cute bookbag around to put it in. You’ll thank me at 10pm when its cold and windy and your shoulders are burnt and hot from being in the sun all day.coachella-fashion-4 tumblr_mlaepbmypo1qc8yajo1_500
  • Sunglasses are your friend, but don’t splurge on them. If you are anything like me you will be drunk errrr umm tired and forget them somewhere. Or sit on them. Or someone will ask to borrow them. So buy some cheap ones. This is the time to wear that cool oversized pair you would never rock in your city.tumblr_inline_mktg1y0xO71qz4rgp tumblr_m2yfp6gbKr1qafra2o1_1280

Now that you know what to wear and pack, here are some things you can buy just in time for the next two weekends.

marianna hewitt what to wear to coachella book bag forever 21

You’ll need a book bag or messenger bag to carry around all day. Either to put phone charger, camera, jacket etc. in. This one is from Forever21 for $27.80

marianna hewitt what to wear to coachella nasty gal jacket


A jacket is a must so get this one because it will go with most outfits from Nasty Gal.


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