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 The older I get, the more I find myself becoming more and more like my mother. We like so many of the same things and one thing I for sure learned from her was style and a love for shopping. Often, we walk out of the store with the same items or really similar we even trade clothes sometimes. As Mother’s Day approaches, I reflect back on some things my Mother has taught me regarding style.

One tip my Mom taught me was to always dress for your body type. Regardless of trends, wear clothes that look good for your fit. This means not wasting money on disposable clothes, but buying items that are investment pieces. A big investment piece in any woman’s closet is a good handbag. She always said a statement bag can make an outfit and as you can see in these pictures, it really shows.

Our matching, yet different bags are from Brahmin and we both loved the exotic texture of the bag. It went great with my Mom‘s casual denim outfit for day and my bag I styled a little dressier, but can add a strap on for a day time messenger option. We both wore ours completely different, yet somehow similar at the same time.

What style tip has your Mom taught you?

Marianna Outfit Details: Top // Skirt // Bag — Mom Outfit Details: Dress // Shoes // Bag



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  1. Love this! Your mom is beautiful. I see where you get it from :)…My mom has taught me so much! I guess one “style tip” is to take advantage of my youth and wear trendy clothes and experiment with fashion. According to her there will come a time when I may not be able to get away with much “experimenting”.

    • Haha my mother tells me the exact same thing every single day ! Then she tells me stories of how she used to dress :)

  2. Like mama like daughter!

    I love that you always feature your mama in your posts. I’m really close to my mom as well and I love that we, your readers get to feel more connected to you knowing you love and appreciate the relationship with your family! You ladies are gorgeous and I know she’s a super proud mama! Keep posting!


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