Weekend Staycation

After the craziest month of February between Award Season and Fashion Week, I was yearning for a vacation and the last thing I wanted to do was get on a plane. So I hopped in my car with my best friend and drove a short two hours from Los Angeles to San Diego for a much needed getaway.

I really wanted to spend a weekend relaxing, going to the spa and eating yummy food I had no intention of leaving the property for anything. We made our way to Rancho Valencia and pulled up to a private property that feels like its own oasis in the middle of San Diego.

The property sits on 45 acres surrounded by gardens and olive groves. Our casita had its own living room with a fire place, an out door patio with a seating area and hot tub and a bed that I just didn’t want to get out of. As incredible as our room was, there were  so many things to do outside the room as well.

The food is TO DIE FOR. If you saw my Instagrams from the weekend, I couldn’t stop posting food photos from breakfast pizza with prosciutto to lemon soufflé pancakes. I worked off all those yummy calories with a yoga class, there are also spin, pilates and lots of other activities to make it a fitness retreat as well.

After a day of food and fitness, I relaxed with a trip to the spa to get all those knots out of my shoulders from leaning over and looking at my phone and typing on my computer all day. The spa was incredible, so I can see why Condé Nast named it one of the Top 25 spas in the world.

If you want to see more of my photos from the trip and the other friends from our group that weekend, check out the #25ReasonsToRancho hashtag on instagram and take a peek below at some snaps from my staycation. Cant wait to go back again! Until my next trip …


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  1. Your instagrams from this weekend made my mouth water and made me yearn for spring! I’m on the east coast and we got more snow :/

    Your pictures are gorgeous – thanks for making me jealous hehe!


  2. Hi Marianna! Your photos are such high quality and always come out so perfect! Do you use an iPhone camera or do you have a professional one?

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