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I’ve gotten a lot of questions and you all have asked what I typically eat on a daily basis or during the week and what is my meal plan. I don’t typically eat the same thing every week or follow any kind of plan but I do eat and drink things that go towards a healthy lifestyle.

I wanted to show you an example of the types of foods I eat throughout the week but by no means is this a diet, do I always eat these same foods or do I expect them to all taste great.

Of course I do cheat and I’m not always perfect but here are some photos and examples of my daily meals. This is a long post and pretty much my food diary for the week so I hope you kind of get an idea on how I balance out the good, the bad and the fun (drinks!)


Let me start out by saying this week I am eating more healthy than I usually do. When I travel, I tend to eat really poorly so while I am at home I do the best I can.

Before breakfast, I had a green juice from Whole Foods with cucumber, kale, romaine, lemon, lime and coconut water. It was delicious.

This morning, breakfast started out with egg whites, asparagus and Tabasco sauce. I chop the asparagus first and cook that, then I take them out and sit them aside. I then cook the egg whites and add in the veggies. I spice it up with some tabasco after to give it some flavor. I personally love egg whites, some people don’t so adding these things in can help them taste not so bland.


For lunch I had a mixed greens salad with some cucumber and for dressing I used lemon juice and olive oil. I topped it with a small piece of salmon.


Dinner also was pretty healthy this day. Here we’ve got a salmon poke salad and blanched asparagus. I loveeee how blanched asparagus tastes! All you do is boil water, add salt, wait for the water to be boiling, throw in your veggies. When the fork can pierce the end easily they are done, usually around 3min. Then you can rinse then with cold water or submerge them in an ice bath if you want to be all fancy and technical. When they were cooled down and this perfect pretty green,  I topped them off with a mix of olive oil and lemon juice.


For the end of the day and how I finish every dinner, I drink a cup of hot water with lemons. It really flushes out your body and is great to have first thing in the morning as well.



Before breakfast I had a green juice from Whole Foods.


For breakfast, I made a blueberry lemon quinoa it was sooo delicious!


In the afternoon, my snack was pinapple with tajin and some lime juice.


And another snack was frozen banana bites and the middle was almond butter and a half a banana I smashed up and mixed together. A great treat.


For lunch it was really simple, blanched asparagus again and some chicken. I just season with salt pepper and lawry’s seasoning. Sear it on the stove 2min each side then pop it in the oven at 350 for 20-25min.




I don’t know what I was thinking this day but I forgot to take pics of most of what I ate. But here is a green juice from whole foods and a salad I had that day with peaches and avocados.


After this, I went to Gracias Madre a Vegan Mexican restaurant in LA. I had the talam here is what they said is in it  “Stoneground heirloom masa steamed in the husk filled with zucchini, onions and garlic, served with beans and escabeche 12.5″ Pretty good for no meat and no dairy.


I must have still been hungry after this because on my way home, I stopped and got a 4 piece chicken nugget from McDonald’s and some honey to dip it in, I love sweet and salty don’t you?



Like an idiot, I cleared the photos off my phone and I don’t have pics for these days so please use your imagination!


I was busy this day too running around but for lunch I had sea bass with some sauteed veggies and dinner I had Mexican chicken lettuce wraps from The Cheesecake Factory.


Today I was traveling to Charlotte, North Carolina, I knew I would be busy and not able to get the foods I wanted so I started my day with my favorite smoothie. This was organic green leaf lettuce, banana, ground flax seed, almond butter and coconut milk.


Before my flight, I grabbed a fruit cup, granola bar and a bottle of water. On the plane the food was ok, I ate chicken, edamame salad, a roll and then really yummy oreo dessert. I also drank a coffee and had a ginger ale.

For dinner when I arrived to my hotel, it was so late I couldn’t go anywhere to eat. The room service menu was so limited I had vegetable soup. After dinner, I had hot water with lemon before I went to bed.


This morning I had room service and I ordered a egg white omelet with sauteed spinach, a pot of coffee and made my way to the Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash event.

For lunch, I met up with one of my college roomates and we went to this amazing place in Charlotte. I ordered crab cakes with poached eggs it was delicious.

After this we got a few drinks, ordered some hummus and walked it off in the muggy humid Southern weather.

I was also traveling this evening back to Los Angeles and it really is so hard to travel and eat well. A lot of what I eat are fresh fruits, veggies and fish and it is really hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go. Airport foods are awful and I am fortunate to spend a lot of time traveling but it does make it difficult to eat well.

In the lounge, the only food they had to eat was vegetable soup. So I had some of this before my flight as I arrived sooo early to the airport.


Today was another busy day for me. I traveled from Los Angeles to Bangkok this day, so again hard to eat on the go.

Well there is a week of eating, this isn’t a diet or a plan but just to show you that I mostly try to eat healthy instead of mostly eating bad. But I feel like being healthy most of the time, makes up for the times when I like to splurge a little and eat things that maybe aren’t the best for me.

This isn’t hard for me to do, because when I eat well, sleep and drink water I feel great, my skin is clear and I just move about my day better.

If anything here looks good to you and you want to see a recipe, leave a comment!


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  1. Hey Marianna, just wanna say you’re so beautiful! Can you give us the recipe for the blueberry lemon quinoa? It looks yummy!

  2. Hi! This is my first time visiting your website and I’m loving it! The cuffs in one of your pictures- are those vita fede? If not, what are they!? I love them!

  3. What vitamins & fat burner do you take that are shown in some of your pictures? I’d love to know what supplements you take, if any? Thanks for sharing! xo

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