Spinning 101

Maybe it is just Los Angeles, but it seems like incorporating spinning into your fitness routine is really the go to activity to do. For years, I have been shy of going to these classes because I felt like I couldn’t keep up or I was too short for the bikes. Well, I’m no expert I’ve only been a handful of times but I wanted to share with you my experience and some benefits to adding this to your workout routine.

A few years ago I tried spin once, I think my bike wasn’t set properly so the entire class  I was so uncomfortable. Every time a friend would ask me to go, I would avoid it. Finally, my best friend convinced me to try it one more time with her and as shy as I am working out in front of others I really enjoyed the class.

I went to Cycle House in West Hollywood for a class taught by Nichelle Hines (you can spot celebs like Naya Rivera, Madonna, Kendall Jenner and Shay Mitchell in her classes) and got set up for my first real time in a spin class.

The first class was free and someone helped my adjust my bike to the correct setting. The music helps the hour go by fast, where you can burn between 500-1000 calories in an hour. About half way through, you pick up small weights and do some arm exercises and finish up the rest of the class. I have a bad left knee, so I tend to avoid any type of cardio that hurts it more but this class is really comfortable for me.

Here is a little more about Cycle House according to their site

Cycle House offers the most intense cardio workouts in Los Angeles. Complete with motivational instructors and high-energy music, classes burn between 500 and 1,000 calories in just under an hour. The studio is also focused on improving the world around you—for each class you take, two meals are donated to a person in need.

Cycle House rides incorporate interval training for a full-body workout, helping to strengthen and tone the core, arms, back and legs. Our riders are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to refill with the in-house alkaline water system, said to hydrate riders up to six times faster than bottled water.

If you are shy like I am, the lights are really dim and you are so busy pedaling your feet that you hardly notice what anyone else is doing. (this is a huge plus for me, as I get very gym shy around others). But because you are in a class full of others, and Nichelle encouraging you, you will want to keep pushing yourself and not be lazy like you can be when working out by yourself. By the end of the class, you are dripping in sweat, you are tired but a good exhausted feeling. I wouldn’t say that I am an athletic person at all but if I can make it through the class … you can too!

Spin Benefits

  • Each Ride provides a full body workout meant to strengthen and tone your core, arms, back, and legs.
  • The result is up to 1,000 calories burned off of your body.
  • Define and lean out your legs.
  • Give yourself a full body workout.
  • Low impact exercise that doesn’t put pressure on your knees or joints.

Hopefully this gives you a little more insight about spinning and my first experience! I’m planning on sticking with it and hoping that each class I go to, I can be better than the last.



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  1. Great post! I spin twice a week and I LOVE it! I’ve been at it consistently for almost 3 years, and I can honestly say it’s my fav cardio work out. A lot better than running for me. I do have a new goal this year to try and mix up my workout with other forms of cardio. :)

  2. Love Spin! I switched gyms and unfortunately my new gym doesn’t offer fun classes like these! I’ve tried to do it on my own but without the pumping music and bootcamp sort of atmosphere to challenge myself, I usually end up doing it somewhat half-hazardly.

    xoxo Alice Rose

  3. I’ve always wanted to try spin class! However, I too, am too short. I am 4’9″. Do you mind me asking how tall you are?! Thanks.

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