Summer Makeup Tutorial

In the summer months, I change my routine to something that is a little easier, light weight and SPF heavy.

I think that when it is hot out, the last thing you want is cakey makeup so keep it light, fresh and minimal. These products are some you should switch to in the summer to fight against humidity, heat and sun.

To blend it all together and make it look flawwwwless I’m using my new favorite brush from Sigma, is it their Flat Kabuki brush and I’m obsessed and here’s a promo codeĀ  to useĀ JUNE10 for $10 off $100 purchases.

Here is my tutorial for my summer makeup routine and the products are listed below.


24 Responses to Summer Makeup Tutorial

  1. Gosh how pretty your face is and those goddess cheeckbones! You are the kind of person who can go around without make up and still looks fab :) But I really liked this tutorial and picked up some tricks for my own to have a nice glowy look ;)

  2. Hi Mariana..
    I love your blog and i loved your tutorial.
    About the concealer option.. I think that the pro longwear concealer from mac is a great option for the summer. Im from Brazil (which is 24/7 summer) and that concealer is the only one that doesnt melt here… You should try this one!!

    Have a Nice day

  3. I love your blog and tutorials. Do you ever think about starting your own digital media brand? I think you would be perfect!

  4. How can I send you a care package of makeup and skincare to try? I work for a company and think you will fall in love with our products. Let me know!

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