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Doing youtube videos is such a huge part of my blog. I love creating content but I want to make what YOU want to see! Use this post and leave a comment to let me know what you want to see more of, specific videos and take a peek at some you may have missed.


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  1. An apartment tour would be nice! Your apartment looks so pretty, w/ the cutest decor.
    Really enjoy the Q&A as well as makeup tutorials. Would LOVE some more get ready with me/day with me/week with me videos! Also, I know you’re an avid chef per say, your recipes on are great, you should consider doing a video of you preparing some of the recipes! Just to give a closer look at how to make them! :)

  2. Would love a VS Fashion show inspired hair tutorial. Also, your apartment looks lovely; an apartment tour video would be really great! You obviously have such great taste in fashion & decor!!

  3. Everyone always says you look just like Kim Kardashian- a Kim inspired look tutorial would be fab! Maybe a best friend tag w/ Lily or any of your friends :)

  4. Would love to see more about the healthy lifestyle you live! Follow your IG and blog religiously and love everything about it. But yes would definitely love to know more about what you eat to keep your healthy lifestyle

  5. I think you should make more Favorites videos and also more Get ready with me videos and maybe even some Monthly hits and misses videos cause those are always nice. Love your youtube and your blog

  6. All of your tutorials have been great so far! I would love a tour of your closet and maybe a video of you putting together outfits for a trip or some occasion?

  7. I would love to see a natural every day eye look! Even the way you have it in this video with black liner. I love the soft/simple color you use on your eyes. Some different eye looks for everyday would be great!

    Love your vibe and style, keep rockin it libra sista!

  8. I would like to see more vlogs or room tour or something like that.
    You inspire me! Im so thankful for that! Love your blog,love your style!

  9. Like those above have said, would love to see your apartment tour! Your decor style always seem so chic in your videos! Also, I have a similar length of hair as you do now. This long bob is so fun but apart from messy curls, would love to see how else you are styling it!

    Alice Rose

  10. I love the your eye makeup! Maybe a tutorial for eye makeup, like a winged eyeliner tutorial.
    PS : Sorry for my english, ita not my main linguaje.

  11. Hello
    I love your style is so elegant, polish, chic, sexy everything…
    I will like to know how do you pick your outfits ?
    How do you combine the colors, all your outfits are so stylish..
    Thank you so much

  12. I would love to see haul videos from you. Fashion, make up and home items.
    Have a wonderful start in a New Year!

    Fashion blogger, freelance stylist and photographer, interior designer, photo model and music production student. Check out my fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

  13. I personally really love your style so maybe some style videos or lookbooks? I know you’ve said in the past that you wouldn’t be sure how to shoot them so maybe someone like beautycrush on youtube would be good inspo if you wanted any?

  14. Hi Marianna! I have been following your blog from a long time and I saw in your recent videos your skin looks just flawless. I even saw your skin care video and tried the products you mentioned but they did nothing for me. I have mild acne like you had before. I was wondering if you had any other medications other than the topical products you mentioned in your video? It would be really helpful if you can advise some tips on how to get clear skin that worked for you other than the products you mentioned in your skin care video. Thanks!

  15. Hey Marianna! I love how your skin looks now. My skin looks the same how your looked a while ago. I tried all the products from Shani Darden that you mentioned in your video but didnt work for me. I was thinking of going on Birth control to control my acne and was wondering how long you took it for and if you are still taking it? Also if you were to pick one thing that worked the most for you, what would that be?

  16. Hi Marianna! I love watching all your videos! You have such great style and I am so appreciative that you don’t mind sharing your tips and tricks. Recently, you have done a couple videos on how you get your effortless wavy hair, which I adore. When you do hair videos in the future, would you mind including how you blow dry your hair? You mention how you do it (with a paddle brush, for example). But it would be so helpful if we saw how you do your hair once it’s initially wet. Thanks so much and keep up the great work! I’ll continue to be watching and supporting you, lady!

  17. Hi Marianna,

    I love your blog and watch your videos for inspiration almost everyday!! My hair frizzes a lot, it looks great when I style them but after a while especially if its humid it gets real crazy! and I would like you to introduce some products or give me some tips for that. Thanks!! :)

  18. I love your vlogs! I have been following you on instagram for a while and love all your beauty and style tips. I was wondering what kind of make up remover do you use?

    PS: More vloooogs!!!

  19. Love your Blog and YouTube Channel. Would love to see a video with all your tips we missed out from your presentation at the Grove. Also a video on all your material for blogging.

  20. I would love something about your eyelash extensions! I love them! I always adore your vlogs and a travel video on beauty and packing would be nice, I know you have a blog post but having it in video form would be great. Eyebrow routine… hauls… luxury item reviews (I know that youtubers stray away from this to try and avoid negative comments from haters but I feel as if these videos are important for people to know about what to splurge on!)… draw my life (always a good one)…
    Love your blog and channel!

  21. Hi Marianna! I love all of Marie’s suggestions! I also think it would be cool for you to share some tips for traveling – anything from what to pack to good travel sites you use when booking trips. I LOVE the travel Vlogs you do! :)

  22. I love your beauty blogs, however I would like to see a vlog on your typical workout routine throughout a week. I know you’re into juicing and detoxing, but what do you do on a typical day to the gym or class?

  23. Get ready with me! Outfit videos. You have a great fashion sense. Also it might seem to you that your not all that much of a pro at doing makeup but I love love watching your makeup tutorials. Also would love to see a favorites video every month. Your such an inspiration. Love you. Xx

  24. I would enjoy some videos on basic staplto pieces and investment pieces to have in your wardrobe. Also – a few different must have bags that are chic and functional. A home tour would be lovely as well. To gives us insight on colors and decor and where to buy different items for your home.xoxo

  25. HI Marianna, I love your blog and videos! I’m getting ready to compete in my first pageant this year, and given your experience I was wondering if you could do a video or blog post on your favorite tips, whether they’re about on-stage presence/walking or choosing the right swimsuit (including which brands you recommend), doing well in interview, etc.? Thank you, and I look forward to your upcoming videos!

  26. Hey Doll love your videos I would love to see a Jennifer Lopez inspire since you look like her a lot …her most natural look or smoky will be cool

  27. Hi!
    First of all I want to say that I am from Sweden and am sorry for any language mistakes. Second and to the important part:
    I just “found” you recently on youtube and I am now following you on instagram as well. You are so beautiful and feminine and i love how you seem so independent and have a great motivation to do what you want.
    I would love to see a house tour, morning routine, night routine, a vanity/makeup area tour, what´s in my gym bag, I also enjoyed the a day/week in the life of. But any makeup tutorials, and favorites and diet video. You are so talented and you are someone I have started to look up to. So smart and I am not really a “go-getter” but seeing your videos really gets me motivated and I have now quit my job to pursue my dreams. Thank you for making me change my life as I want it and not what others think I should do. I am so much happier now and without you even knowing it you gave me a push in the right way.

    Hope you didn’t fall asleep reading this haha, Have a nice day! Hugs from Sweden!!

  28. Hey girl!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to best pose for close up and/or full body pictures (i.e. how to practice, how to find your best side, pose, etc.). I am so impressed by your posing & modeling skills. I realize you’ve had years of training and practice to figure out all these moves to highlight your gorgeousness (and you should, you’re awesome and have worked hard!) so it’d be cool to hear some of your best takeaways from all that experience. Thanks for all you share — happiest new year and I wish you many blessings and much more success.

    -Smalls :)

  29. Can you do a tutorial of the bold make up pic that you have on instagram where you are wearing the NYX Coppenhagen matte lipstick! Thankssss!! :)

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