What does the name of your blog mean?

I’ve named this site La La Mer because of a few reasons. I live in (the most amazing city of) Los Angeles. I often refer to this crazy place as LaLa land. Mer well that is my nick name, short for Marianna (some people call me Mer some call me Mar). Los Angeles + Marianna.

Where did you go to school and how did you become a TV Host?

I went to Kent State University in Ohio. I graduated with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Geography. I think having a degree was a good start especially if you want to be a news anchor, it is a must. But for being a TV Host it was more about a personality. I attended classes at Become a Host with Marki Costello and started a youtube channel. I would say try to work for free as much as you can to build a reel and be active on social media. To read my full journey click here

What camera and filters do you use?

I use my iPhone 5 or a Canon T5i or Canon powershot. I use the VSCO app and PicTapGo on my iPhone for filters, they are amazing!

What is your nationality? 

I feel like “What is your ethnicity or nationality” is a question that I have answered a thousand times. But if you missed the memo, I am Vietnamese and Italian.  I was born in Germany and raised between Ohio and Europe.  *Update Apparently I was wrong about that being my nationality, I was half right! I am  Asian 44%, European 43%, Middle Eastern 7% and Polynesian 6%. Check out this post on how I came up with these specific percentages.

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