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3 Ingredient Smoothies

smoothie recipes

If you follow me on snapchat, you probably see that I post smoothies just about everyday. They are so easy to make, I usually prep the ingredients the night before and just add liquid and blend in the morning. So when I saw 10 smoothies that you can make with 3 ingredients on Hello Natural, I had to share them.


Online Life vs Real Life & Learning To Disconnect

In a world full of face tune, filters, perfect lighting and a perfect caption … what you see on the internet is far from real life. The content bloggers, social media gurus and even regular girls create are just the image we want to portray to others but don’t think this is real life.¬†Disclaimer: If you are just here for a beauty tutorial, feel free to skip this post. But I wanted to share something a little more personal and relevant than my typical how to or outfit pictures. I won’t be offended!


Paddle Boarding

I love to be near the water but I don’t actually love to get in it. So for me, paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy the ocean without having to get in it. I tried it for the first time in Jamaica and I actually really liked it. So I went for round two!


Spinning 101

Maybe it is just Los Angeles, but it seems like incorporating spinning into your fitness routine is really the go to activity to do. For years, I have been shy of going to these classes because I felt like I couldn’t keep up or I was too short for the bikes. Well, I’m no expert I’ve only been a handful of times but I wanted to share with you my experience and some benefits to adding this to your workout routine.


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