Ho Chi Minh City + VIDEO

I’m currently traveling around Asia, so far made a pit stop in Tokyo and Bangkok and now exploring Vietnam. I am taking too many pictures to flood my instagram feed so the ones that didn’t make the cut are going on here. I hope you love them, I’m snapping everyday too so you can watch me pretty much in the moment (marianna_hewitt) and don’t worry I’m vlogging along the way. I’ll keep adding to this post as I go, so check back for new pictures.

If you are traveling to Ho Chi Minh City here are some recommendations for food and fun from myself and my Instagram friends

  • The Lunch Lady for soup
  • Quan An Ngon for traditional Vietnamese food but very touristy but a clean alternative to local places
  • Chill Skybar if you are looking to party by night with a view of the city from a rooftop
  • Ben Thanh Market where you can find everything from fruit to fake Celine bags
  • L’uisine (photo below) for a Modern French Vietnamese coffee shop and shopping area, a favorite of mine from the visit
  • Cuc Gach Quan, a favorite of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  • High end shops on Dong Khoi Street
  • Secret Garden photo below

Tea in Tokyo

Temple in Bangkok

Bangkok Airport

Secret Garden Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, thank you Hung for the recommendation!

This fried rice was so good with little crispy bits, recipe please

Mom and I sweaty in a taxi, the humidity here is NO FREAKING JOKE Wearing Quay glasses Smashbox lip liner in nude medium and Tarte BB Cream

Lovers + Friends Cleo Romper / Coach Sandals / $5 Hat From Vietnamese Market

An instagram comment highly recommended L’usine, which was right next to my hotel. I was so pleasantly surprised when we got there. Walk down an alley, up some stairs and find a modern French/Vietnamese cafe and shopping. I would recommend stopping by for a coffee and dessert or breakfast.

Tularosa Juliet Dress // Coach Sandals 

Lovers + Friends Cleo Romper

Pork banh mi, a favorite sandwich of mine.

I unfortunately ended my trip to Saigon on a bad note. Being clumsy me, I leaned against a hot motorcycle exhaust pipe and burned the back of both my legs. One is pretty bad and the other bad too, this put a damper on the trip for sure but I’ll be fine. Now it’s off to Da Nang.

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  1. Marianna! Love you and your blog BTW. I was wondering- I’m going to Bangkok in July and have been obsessing over how to dress when visiting temples. I had heard women cannot wear shorts in temples, but I see in your adorable pic you are wearing shorts. What was your experience entering temples wearing stylish shorts/dresses, and how what can I get away with/what can I definitely not get away with?

    I’m not trying to wear long ugly pants in the middle of the summer- just like I’m sure you were not either. But I’m also dedicated to going to all the temples and looking respectful (which I think you do, but I had heard the shorts were not allowed).


  2. omg! Nice to see these lovely pictures!! im going to vietnam in 2 months so would be nice to see your recommendations as well! thanks for aploading so quickly! >)

    kisses from Amsterdam

  3. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Thailand even though it was extremely short!! The next time you’re there, be sure to visit Sala Rattanakosin for dinner. The backdrop of the restaurant is Wat Arun, which is even more stunning at night! After that, you can tour the grand palace in a tuk tuk!

    Loving all of your pictures and swooning over all of them. What camera are you using to document your trip! They’re lovely – I must get one as well!!

  4. I like your picture in shorts, you look so comfortable but yes I can totally relate to Juliet how at some places people start staring you when you wear shorts or any such clothes and the worst part is that girls cant even enter in some temples. Good to see your wonderful travel.

  5. Hey!!! I love your blog!!! I’m off to Fiji for a couple of days in June, any recommendations for outfit?? I love your style

  6. Are the name of your sunglasses “Nala”? I am on the quay website and they look the same I am wondering if they are them?!

  7. Could you please tell me where you got that top (white and magenta pink at the very bottom of the top)!!!! It’s gorgeous!!! Thanks so much :)

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