Finally, My Skincare Routine

It has taken me sooo long to finally post this, but here is my skincare routine.

Ok so first, I want to start by saying that this is just my personal skincare routine. This has been specifically tailored to my skin type from my esthetician. I can’t say that this is perfect for everyone and I would recommend that everyone see someone to get one personalized for themselves. But, I wanted to share with you the specific products I use.

For my morning routine, it is pretty simple. (all the links are below for the products.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 7.33.37 PM

I start out with iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex.  It is a really gentle gel cleanser and I only use a tiny bit. I folllow up with their Youth Eye Cream and Corrective Control’s Aroma Matte SPF 30. I admit, I just started using eye cream and SPF in the last year. I noticed I was starting to get fine lines, so I wish I would have started earlier.

SPF is helping prevent future sun damage. But also, if you have any existing acne or breakouts it will prevent them from getting dark. This is what happens when you have dark spots on your face, if you were in the sun with them it will cause scarring.

For my evening routine, it is WAY more complicated. I actually had to follow a piece of paper for a good month until I got the hang of it. But now, I feel lost without using every single product.

marianna hewitt skincare routine evening

Again, I use the same cleansing complex to get all the makeup off. I then follow up with Active Serum. What this does, it kind of tingle on your skin and helps clear up and prevent any breakouts. Because I wear so much makeup on camera every day, I really need this.

Next I use Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform. This product is a miracle in a bottle and a favorite of Rosie Huntington Whitely and Jessica Alba. Shani does my facials, as well as theirs. She is the one who has made this custom skincare routine for me and she is the best ever. If you live in LA, I would make an appointment with her.

Anyway, back to the retinol reform. It helps to reduce wrinkles and get rid of acne scarring. I started using this 1x a week and eventually worked my way up to using it every evening.

I add on eye cream just as I did in the morning and then for evening, I use a different moisturizer. The SPF is good for the day, but I don’t need it when it is dark (obvi). In the evening I use the same brand as the sunscreen but their oil free healing lotion. It is really light weight and lasts me a long time.

In addition to all these great products, I do get monthly facials where Shani can clear out my skin and get rid of any breakouts. I try to not pick at my face which can make scars worse. I let her do any extractions and she is the best.

So there it is, all my products. I hope this helps you out, leave a comment below on what else you want to know! It is over whelming but I really love this routine.


Morning Products:

Cleansing Complex

SPF 30

Evening Products:

Cleansing Complex

Retinol Reform

Eye Cream

Active Serum



Visit my esthetician for a facial

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  1. What exactly do you not like about microdermabrasion? I was looking to get a personal microdermabrasion system but I’m worried my face will react from it. I have pretty clear skin except for one or two on my forehead. I was hoping the micro would help me with acne scarring. Do you have any suggestions for gentle products for sensitive skin that can help get rid of scarring?

  2. Hey Marianna! This is very helpful I’m looking into getting a skincare routine personalized for myself after reading this. In addition to getting the advice from an esthetician, I wanted to see what you think based on your experience. I just have two questions:
    -I tone my face religiously and noticed you don’t use any sort of toner, do you find that the products you use already take care of that so you can skip this process?
    -I’m 20 and want to avoid early age lines and wrinkles. If i were to use an eye cream and/or serum do you think I would apply it only a few times a week rather than every day?

    Thank you so much in advance!!

  3. Can you tell me how much you pay for the eye youth cream? I’m finding prices ranging from $60-200 online, so I just want to make sure I’m buying the real thing.


  4. Per your recommendation I went to Shani and got my first facial from her today! It was AMAZING!! Thank you for the mentioning her, I look forward to healthy perfect skin! So glad you are blogging and Youtubing now:)

  5. Your skin so flawless can’t wait to see Shani so she can help me with my skincare regiment too. Do you use any of Dr Lancer skincare too? Thanks

  6. I am also curious to know why you don’t have a toner in your routine, is there any reason? And if u you do, what do u use? Thanks! Xoxo from Canada

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