Kale Berry Smoothie + VIDEO

Who really has time to make breakfast in the morning? Even when I have the time, I can’t be bothered to do dishes so I like to keep my morning routine to a minimum, especially if I haven’t had my coffee yet. I would say at least five mornings out of the week, I make this smoothie for breakfast that is healthy, yummy, filling and most of all … easy peasy!

I prefer to make my morning smoothies with a nutribullet, it is single or double servings so you don’t waste product making it in a huge blender.


  • Kale
  • Mixed antioxidant berries; blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • Banana ( I only use half, for creaminess )
  • Ground flaxseed (optional)
  • Sweetened vanilla almond milk

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  1. So healthy!! I like smoothies in the morning too. I like adding half of an avocado and sometimes I use cashew milk.

  2. I just discovered your website ! Love the vibe and the pastels – right up my alley . This smoothie is delicious , isn’t it? Love berries .

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