Why You Should Wash Your Face Before Bed

The last thing you want to do after a long day is to wash your face before going to sleep. It seems so simple, but all of us have had those nights when you just want to crash before taking it all off. But naked skin really is the best thing to wear to bed and is a vital part of a good skincare routine.

Here are some reasons to always remove your makeup before going to bed:

  • It can ruin your completion for weeks
  • Clogs pores during key time for skin rejuvenation. Help stop this by using a Swisspers cotton round and a toner to really cleanse your skin, even after washing your face
  • Your face needs to naturally exfoliate and it does this by shedding skin during sleep. By not washing your face before bed, it stops skin from removing dead skin cells
  • Not removing eye makeup could cause eye irritation and infection. Your eyelashes can even become brittle and break by leaving mascara on over night. To prevent this, I always use a Swisspers cotton swab with oil free eye makeup remover to take off any left over eye makeup especially lash glue
  • Not washing your face before bed can lead to uneven skin texture

If you haven’t seen my get unready with me video, I take you through all the steps of my evening routine. The most important part is to use cotton rounds with a toner to cleanse your skin or a q-tip to remove any excess makeup.

If you want to ask me any of my skincare questions, I’ll be LIVE Tweeting as part of National Sleep Naked Night on May 17th from 7-10 p.m. ET. You  can learn about my skin care and beauty secrets  and win beauty prizes.

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    • It really is Carmen! After I saw Marianna’s skincare products/routine on youtube I tried some of the products myself. I use the is Clinical cleanser and the is Clinical Active Serum. I love the Active Serum!!! I am panicking because I am running very low on the product and have to wait until the 22nd (my payday) to reorder. I usually get a cyst around that time of month but have had NO blemishes since using this product!! I am serious. I highly recommend it to everyone now! I wrote a review on it at http://www.TheGlowofElegance.com

      Thank you again for sharing your skincare products with us! It has seriously changed my life. That may sound dramatic but anyone who has suffered from moderate to severe breakouts understands what I am talking about.

  1. Hello Marianna, I found your blog through It’s Super Fashion and I love it! About this post I have to comment that for me to wash the face before going to sleep is as important as washing your hair! Our face’s skin must be clean at least some hours per day, and using good products is essential.

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  2. I didn’t take skincare seriously until I was in my mid-twenties and I really feel bad about it now… But better late than never right? Now I really do realize how important it is to thoroughly cleanse your skin every night.

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